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5 Reasons Why You Should Retire in Dominican Republicby Gabrielle van Welie
You’ve heard the stories: white sandy beaches, eternal summer, friendly people and really good food. But is retiring in Dominican Republic as good as they say? We certainly think so!Below, you’ll find five reasons why you should look no further and just retire in Dominican Republic.
  1. Dominican Republic has got it all
The Hispaniola island is blessed with a myriad of microclimates ranging from tropical to temperate to dry. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from refreshing Atlantic beaches or warm Caribbean waters. If you prefer rivers, you can go up into the mountains. We even have dunes!
  1. All retirees are welcome
Since 2007, the Dominican law has changed to facilitate the entry and permanent residence of retirees. All you need is a stable income of $1,500 a month, less than 1,340 euros. The total can come from your savings, government pension plans, or a combination of both. The new law also comes with perks and tax exemptions you can learn more about here. And the best part? As far as the Caribbean paradise is concerned, you can retire at any age.
  1. There’s a big expat community already living in the island
Even Columbus didn’t discover the Americas. The truth is Dominican Republic has been a popular destination for Europeans and North Americans since the beginning of its history. You can find expat communities online by doing a simple Google search, but the island is small enough you’ll probably end up bumping into fellow countrymen as soon as you move.
  1. Dominican Republic has a low cost of living for retirees
When it comes to hiring help, pensioners in Dominican Republic will find that it is quite affordable to have, for example, a live-in nurse. This becomes especially clear when comparing the prices for these services in Europe or North America. As part of your monthly expenses, you can easily count in a weekly or even daily cleaning service, a cook or even a driver. When it comes to aging in place, Dominican Republic has all the amenities you need without exuberant price tags.
  1. You can fly in directly from many major cities
Just because you’re moving away doesn’t mean you’ll never visit. There are direct flights to several airports around the island to and from major cities like Madrid, Paris, New York, Miami, and Toronto. Imagine: you’ll be able to host friends and family from all over the world at your beach-front home!
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